for manufacturing of paste-like products Type: DSM-SF / 40 - 75

complete unit
complete unit

This automatic dosing and mixing unit is developed and manufactured especially for the batch production of several paste-like product mixtures.


The several, fine-grained solids (powder, granulates, fibres and additives) are separately dosed (oriented at the recipe) out of storage hopper using by screw dosing feeders into the weighing hopper and revolving hopper scale.


For the production process the weighted solids are conveyed / dosed using a vibration conveyer out of the weighing hopper into the mixer.


The different fluids are separately dosed according to the recipe using of two-stage dosing valves out of IBC or pipe directly in the mixer.


The construction and equipment for dosing and mixing can be designed and manufactured tailor made corresponding to the specifications and procedural job definitions.


level 2 - dosing of bulk materials
level 2 - dosing of bulk materials
level 1 - weighing machines
level 1 - weighing machines

level 0 - dosing of liquids
level 0 - dosing of liquids


- Adhesives, coatings

- Paste-like plasters

- Surefacer, levelling compound

- Different solid-contained mixtures




- Voltage: 230 / 400 VAC

- Drive power: 15.0 kW / 2.0 kW

- Compressed air: up to 6.0 bar




- Gravimetric dosing of solids

- Volumetric/gravimetric dosing of liquids

- Batch size: 40 – 75 litres

- Fully automatic dosing and mixing process

- Simple handling over operator panel