D+G weighing technology

Platform and special balances:

- mobile platform balances in easy or heavy execution

- stationary platform balances in single-point or 4-load cell technology

- pallet balances in putting on or bringing in technology, mobile or stationary

- driving through balances in easy or heavy execution

- duo balances for the large weighing range (platform balances in platform balances)

- container balances

- control and dispatch balances

- all types of balances can be supplied for the ex-zone


Last corner for tank scale type DG-SB:

- robust construction

- exactly

- reliable even in continuous operation

- Typical applications include: tank scale, mixer scale, platform balances and special scales


Weighing module type DG-55-01-09 for nominal load from 30t to 90t:

- self-centering compact unit

- especially for the weighing of containers, silos and tanks


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