Type: SDP 40

This compact pneumatic dosing and conveying system equipped with a compressed-air-diaphragm pump (size 40) is designed and manufactured especially for the dosing of serveral fine-grained materials.

The charging / weighing of the materials are carried out in a weighing hopper. The conveying flow (mass flow) of the compressed-air-diaphragm pump is variable adjustable. The product are conveyed / dosed with this system to destinations with over pressure inside.



- Powder

- Fine grained products / bulk material

- Powdered Additives

- Chemical products




- Voltage: 230 AC

- Compressed air for drive: up to 6,0 bar




- Compact dosing and conveying system

- Volume storage hopper up to 100 l

- Balance (30 - 300 kg)

- Pneumatic conveying system

- Conveying flow / mass flow adjustable

- Conveying ti destinations with over

  pressure inside

- Simple handling over operator panel