Type: FDS-M-PP-800-ZRS

This automatic dosing and mixing unit is developed and manufactured especially for the preperation of gypsum waste.

The gypsum waste (recycling material) from a saw and moulding cutting unit for plasterboards consits of bunt gypsum and stripes of paper/carton. The coarse grained recycling material is discharged continuously out of a hopper with a rotary feeder into the crushing unit.

Then the crushed recycling material is conveyed using a pneumatic conveying system (powder pump) into the storage hopper of the dosing unit at production site of plaster boards. The fine grained recycling material is dosed continuously using a rotary feeder out of the storage hopper to the main flow of gypsum (screw conveyor) and i9s processed in the mixer of plaster board production.



- diverse waste / recycling materials




- Voltage: 230 / 400 VAC

- Drive power: 5.5 kW

- Compressed air: up to 6.0 bar




- Crushing of brittle and fibred materials

- Pneumatic conveying

- Volumetric dosing

- Capacity: up to 300 kg/h

- Fully automatic process