with powder pump (DASAG)

The plant consists of the following essential

parts and functional groups:

- Load lifting cross with docking connection and

  filter bag

- Big bag receiving frame with integrated guide sled

- Receiving table for big bag

- Receiving construction for the docking system

  and the powder pump, altogether designed as a

  weighing frame

- Hand-operated on-docking system with passage

  adapter to the powder pump

- DASAG Powder pump with weighing compensator

  after the pressure spout

- Control system with SIWAREX module and a

  SPS S7-300 with OP3 panel to control all functions

  of the plant.



- Steady metering

- Dust-free handling within a closed system

- Adjustable flow volume and flow velocity

- Partly emptying of the Big bags

- Possibility to feed back the excessive material

  into the big bag

- Flexible, autarkic concept of design