for container; bigbags; barrels Type: AS-P / D / C-BB-F

This flexible filling plant is designed and manufactured for the dosing of fine grained powders and granulates from a hopper to containers bigbags and barrels.

On the outlet of the metering slide valve a special adapter is mounted, on which the current connectors for filling to the different packages can be assemble easily.



- Powder

- Granulates

- Additives

- Chemical products



- Voltage: 230 / 400 VAC

- Drive power: 0.5 kW

- Compressed air: up to 6.0 bar



- Gravimetric dosing

- Dust-free filling operation

- Easy retrofitting at change kinds of packages

- Capacity: 20 – 200 kg/min

- Weighing range: 800/2000 kg