for viscous materials and powders Type: SDF/SDP 80

This compact compressed-air-diaphragm pump type: SDF/SDP 80 is designed and manufactured especially for the conveying of several high-viscosity substances and mixtures of materials with a high rate of solids, as well as powders and granulates.



- Dispersions, suspensions

- Pasty plasters and fillers

- Ceramic fillers

- Chemical products



- Voltage: 230 VAC

- Compressed air for drive: up to 6.0 bar



- Compact and robust conveying system

- Gentle conveying of shear-sensitive and abrasive


- Self-priming and safe to run dry

- Conveying pressure up to 6.0 bar

- Conveying of high-viscosity substances with a high

  rate of solids

- Conveying of powders (bulk density up to 0.5 kg/l

- Conveying of granulates (lightweight substances)