The push floor dosing system are developed and manufactured especially for the continuous and apportion discharging of paste-like, solids-bearing and bad flowable products. The materials is dosed over the discharge crack on the complete discharge width according the target quantity of the defined surface (belt width). The discharge quantity / dosing capacity and the flow behavoiur on the product depend on the gap width, the rotation speed of the discharge roller as well as the amplitude swing and the frequency of the push floor.


- Solids-bearing products

- Abrasive products



- Voltage: 400 VAC

- Drive power discharge roller: 0.25 - 15 kW

- Drive power pusch floor: 3.0 - 15 kW



- Flow rate: up to 6.000 kg/h

- Discharge width: up to 1.500 mm

- Variable discharge system

- Automatic adjustment of gap width

- Robust design

- Safe and reliable function